Engineer in synthetic biology/molecular biology. I love to genetically engineer bacteria so they can be used as biological tools!
Sophie's Bio


After my masters in Philosophy of Sciences (Univ. Paris 4) and my masters in biology (CRI), I knew I wanted to work in the field of synthetic biology. I co-founded the synbio startup Unibiome (derived from our iGEM project) for the development of recombinant probiotics that produce vitamins in fermented foods. I then went to Institut MICALIS (INRAE) in Philippe Langella's team for three years, where I constructed many recombinant lactic acid bacteria with valuable health properties against IBDs.

I came back to the CRI in June 2021, in Jake Wintermute's team, to work on a research project using synthetic biology as a tool for early-stage drug discovery against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other human pathogens.


I'm a cosplayer! I make my own costumes of characters from my favorite franchises (often SF/fantasy), and dress up either for charity or just for fun. And I practice lightsaber combat as a sport!