francisco quero
Research Engineer
Fran is a biologist by training and a DIYbio enthusiast engaged in developing open biology communities. Fran helped to create the first open citizen biofablab of Madrid (Spain) and founded the first collegiate and High School iGEM teams in the city. Professionally he has expertise in tissue engineering, nanotechnology, and biosensing. He is enthusiastic about electronics and digital manufacturing, and an open science promoter. He is graduated in biological sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid and enrolled as a student of the BIO3 Master’s program at the Open FIESTA faculty in Shenzhen (China) where he also got involved in founding and coordinating the first biohacking space of the Tsinghua University. At the moment Fran is located at CRI (Paris) where he is collaborating as a Research Intern helping to develop new technologies for infectious diseases sensing at low resources settings.
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