pernille brams
Graduate from the Cognitive Science bachelor's program at Aarhus University, Denmark, with a minor in mathematics. Started at LPI as an intern, working with Sasha Poquet on learning analytics and citation networks. Currently working as Research Engineer on The LISA Project, mainly working with data analytics, reporting and communication.
pernille's Bio

Work experience

2022-now: Intern --> Research Engineer @ The Learning Planet Institute

Worked first as an intern with learning analytics and citation networks with Sasha Poquet. Transferred to my current job as a Research Engineer working on The LISA Project with data analytics, developing analysis pipelines and working with communication.

2021-2022: Junior Consultant @ Systematic, Denmark

Worked as a junior consultant at the IT firm Systematic in Denmark in their Business Process Improvement department, doing mainly statistical analyses with forecasting on different KPIs with project management and internal HR data. Also worked with communication of internal documentation of variables and processes.

2020-2021: Research Assistant @ Aarhus University, Denmark

During the second year of my bachelor's degree, I worked on three different research projects as a Research Assistant. These projects were respectively in the topics psycholinguistics (behavioral data collection), neuroscience (neural data collection and fMRI scanner operating), and mitigation of lost learning opportunities due to COVID-19. In the latter, I was working directly for the Head of Department at the faculty of Cognitive Science at Aarhus University, Joshua Skewes.

2018-2021: Mentor @ MentorDanmark, Denmark

Worked as a mentor/tutor for several years for kids and adolescents, out of which many were suffering from dyslexia or had other circumstances that caused learning difficulties, in the subjects Mathematics, Danish, French, English and Music.


2019-2022: Cognitive Science BSc (minor in mathematics), GPA: 10,6 Danish Scale (A- US Scale).

During my studies I was elected representative of the faculty of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the Institute Board of Aarhus University.

I was also a central part of the Student Forum Board, the Head of Supplies in the Cognitive Science Association, and a tutor all three years for the new students coming to the programme.

LISA is an interface between educators and child development experts, jointly pursuing the common goals of improving educational opportunity, well-being, and optimal social-emotional outcomes for all children.