Xiaohu Song
Over 8 years academic and industrial experience in image processing and machine vision; employing a wide variety of signal processing, visual perception computing, machine learning and high performance & parallel computing methods oriented large scale data in biological image processing. Working on computer vision, transition from traditional machine learning to deep learning. Using modern analytical and statistical tools to assist researchers.
Xiaohu's Bio

A highly versatile and dedicated junior research scientist in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Speciale expertise in reasoning approaches applied on high-level image interpretation based on logical formalism. Mainr research interests include knowledge representation, feature extraction, machine learning and deep learning applied on image understanding.

+ Working on own initiative and quickly adapting to new projects.

+ Presenting information clearly and concisely in both verbal and written form.

+ Effectively collaborating in an inter-discipline team environment.

2012-2020 Engineer researcher at Inserm U1001

2009-2012 PhD on image Computer Vision

2007-2009 Master student in Signal Processing

2005-2007 Master student in Automation and Robotics

2000-2005 Bachelor student in Signal Processing

Good experience in project development, execution and team work 

● Strong presentation and communication skills with publication record in journals and conferences 

● High energy, self-motivated

● Experience in giving lessons of computer vision, machine learning to bachelor and master students

● Experience in supervising students coursework and research levels